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Contact us for all your pressure washing needs! 

Service Options

Below are our most common service options, but it's always best to schedule a consult with All Metro Pest Services to determine which frequency will best fit your needs.


Our best selling service option. Our products work best when applied quarterly. Rates start at $85 depending on size of area. 


Monthly services aren't typically needed for residential properties, but it is more popular among the commercial properties we treat. A monthly service ensures that your business stays up to code. Rates start at $50 depending on size of area.


Bi-Monthly services are another good option for commercial properties. Talk to us to learn more about what will be best for you. Rates start at $50 depending on size of area.


For your special events such as weddings, parties, etc., we provide a one-time treatment with a temporary pest repellent to provide the most pleasurable outdoor experience possible. Learn more here.

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