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Fire Ants are several species of ants in the genus Solenopsis, which includes over 200 species. Solenopsis are stinging ants, and most of their common names reflect this.

bed bug

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are small, reddish brown insects that are approximately 5mm in length. They become redder and swollen right after they've eaten.



Cockroaches go by many different names. Here are just a couple that we deal with mostly and details on them. Most of them can travel through grocery bags, boxes, appliances or electronics.



Earwigs mostly move at night and hide in small, moist crevices in daytime. They actively feed at night on a wide variety of insects and plants.


Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks go to amazing lengths to find hosts. Fleas have 6 powerful legs that allow them to jump distances 200 times their body size.

house gutters


All Metro works with professional companies to provide quality services. If you have house gutters, in order to maintain a good pest free service, we remind you that you must keep them clean and clear of debris.

lawn landscape


Let's talk about landscaping for a second. We do not provide these services but we work with professional local companies that do.

water droplets


As we shared under the "Gutters" section, water and/or moisture is not always a good thing. Water can come in the form of solid, liquid and vapor.



Silverfish, also known as night movers, are completely wingless. They have long antennae and move in a wiggly motion that resembles the movement of fish.

black widow spider


With the thousands we could list, here are what we consider the Mississippi spiders.

The female black widows inflict dangerous bites. They are larger and more noticeable than the males. The female rarely eat their mates.

house mouse


All Metro works with local authorities that provide removal of wildlife and relocate them when possible. Alligators near and around water, snakes, honey bees, bats, and many more are considered pests.

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