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August is peak bed bug season in Mississippi, but the bed bugs are active throughout the year as long as they have food: human blood. We eradicate bed bugs using liquid and powder products (not heat treatment), and recommend safely disposing of infested mattresses and furniture. 


Bed bugs are often brought home after traveling, whether from youth camps or business travel. provides a way to search for reported infestations before booking a hotel, but be aware that the information is self-reported and not verifiable.

Service Options

Below are our most common service options, but it's always best to schedule a consult with All Metro Pest Services to determine which frequency will best fit your needs.


Our best selling service option. Our products work best when applied quarterly. Rates start at $85 depending on size of area. 


Monthly services aren't typically needed for residential properties, but it is more popular among the commercial properties we treat. A monthly service ensures that your business stays up to code. Rates start at $50 depending on size of area.


Bi-Monthly services are another good option for commercial properties. Talk to us to learn more about what will be best for you. Rates start at $50 depending on size of area.


For your special events such as weddings, parties, etc., we provide a one-time treatment with a temporary pest repellent to provide the most pleasurable outdoor experience possible. Learn more here.

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